...there came one day to Bilbo’s door the great Wizard, Gandalf the Grey, and thirteen Dwarves with him...


The wizard Gandalf, Thorin Oakenshield and thirteen Dwarven companions visit Bilbo the Hobbit in the Shire: they set upon a quest to recover the treasure of Durin’s Folk and free the North from the threat of the Dragon of Erebor.

A series of unlikely events lead to the death of Smaug and to the destruction of Lake-town. Dáin of the Iron Hills becomes King of the restored Kingdom under the Mountain, while Dwarves, Men and Elves collaborate in rebuilding new cities in Dale and upon the Long Lake.


Bilbo returns to his peaceful life in the Shire. He carries the One Ring with him, not suspecting its true nature. News of the great events that have come to pass spread across the land as he travels home.


The Master of Lake-town falls victim of the dragon- sickness and leaves, carrying with him most of the gold given to him by Bard for the help of the Lake- people. Initially helped by some companions, he is then abandoned and dies of starvation in the Waste.

2944 - 2945

Bard completes the reconstruction of Dale and is crowned King. A new Lake-town is completed on the Long Lake and trade resumes up and down the Running River. Beorn establishes his rule as a great chief at the head of his new followers, soon to be known as the Beornings.