Fatigue and Equipment on Roll20

Thought I'd take a moment to point out that because the Encumbrance rating on the character sheet for Roll20 is auto-calculated from weapons and equipment, and because treasure weighs 1 point of encumbrance per point of treasure, writing Treasure as an item on the equipment list, and using the number of treasure as the encumbrance value, will automatically include its weight in the companion's Encumbrance.

Furthermore, some companions have special powers that make them capable of carrying more, in that case you can write in the special ability in the equipment list as well, giving it a negative value.

Roll20 Character Sheet Updated

I finally found the problem that was causing the favoured weapon skill checkbox to not save properly. The good news is that this means that the favoured weapon skill state is now saved, and it can be used to do macros like this (NPC vs. Adversary, first weapon), one of a series of macros I'm experimenting with that makes setting up characters and having them duke it out with each other a lot easier.

/emas @{selected|token_name} attacks @{target|token_name} (TN #pc_vs_npc_defense ) with a @{selected|repeating_npc-weapon-skills_0_npc_weapon_skill_name} (Damage @{selected|repeating_npc-weapon-skills_0_npc_weapon_damage}, Edge @{selected|repeating_npc-weapon-skills_0_npc_weapon_edge}, Injury @{selected|repeating_npc-weapon-skills_0_npc_weapon_injury}, @{selected|repeating_npc-weapon-skills_0_npc_weapon_called_shot}, Damage Bonus @{selected|attribute_level}).

/r 1t[feat] + @{selected|repeating_npc-weapon-skills_0_npc_weapon_rating}t[@{selected|bar3}] + [[@{selected|repeating_npc-weapon-skills_0_npc_weapon_skill_favoured} * @{selected|attribute_level}]] + ?{Modifier|0} > #npc_vs_pc_defense

This uses the Favoured Weapon Skill State to calculate whether the NPC gets to apply his Attribute Level to his roll (because the Favoured Weapon Skill State is 0 or 1, it's just multiplied with the Attribute Level).

The bad news is that because the new 'true' value of '1' is different than the old one (which was 'on'), all characters will lose their Favoured Weapon Skill States. Sorry about that. I try to not break things going forward unless there is no other way, and in this case it was a matter of me not understanding how Roll20 saves default data (I still don't understand why anyone would want 'on' as the default value over 1, which is much more useful in dealing with macros, but whatever).

New Loremaster Character Sheets for Roll20

Finally got around to creating a creature/NPC sheet for Loremaster use, this'll make making macros and scripts a lot easier. I'll create a pull request later today, with some luck it'll be in the official sheet list by the 28th when the sheets go live on the productions servers, until then you can get it on Github.

The Player Character sheet is of course the full sheet, where as the LM Character and Adversary sheets are for the Loremaster. And the difference between the two is that the LM Character uses has Hope points and uses the 'feat' table to roll, whereas the Adversary sheet has Hate points and uses the 'lm-feat' table to roll.

Script Updates

I'm not sure they're quite ready for primetime, but I've worked over the Roll20 scripts for The One Ring a bit, mostly to work with the character sheets (one of which I've also made), that are being released later this month. With the right attribute and token setup, they'll do some of the lifting for both the Loremaster and Players. Each of the scripts has its own description embedded in the JS files, have at it.

The biggest advantage is probably having the script automatically set the weary state on characters and mooks, and using that attribute value in macros to roll on the right table for Success Dice. Shoot me an email if you're not sure how to set that up.